Now Hiring 2019 Camp Directors

Do you have a genuine love and respect for children? Do you believe that small experiences can have a significant impact on a child’s development? Do you believe that given the right structure, children can learn more from each other and themselves than from an adult? Are you able to maintain a positive attitude regardless of daily challenges? Do you have more energy than most people you know? Do you want to change lives? If you answered yes to these questions, keep reading to see if being a Camp Director at Summer Spark might be the right way for you to spend your summer.

Job Description: Camp Director at Summer Spark, one of Austin’s highest rated summer day camps.

Summer Spark focuses on helping children develop a growth mindset that will allow them to continually grow and thrive in our rapidly changing world. Through fun, engaging hands-on building challenges, children stretch themselves and practice flexible thinking, collaboration, and perseverance while developing their curiosity, creativity, and confidence.

As a Camp Director, you get to be a part of this magic. By creating a nurturing environment and asking great questions to stimulate deeper work and help campers process their experiences, you become their champions. In the course of just one week, your careful guidance can have a lasting impact on their futures.

After taking a thorough look at the website, submit your resume and a cover letter addressing the questions below to

  • Why would you like to be a Summer Spark Camp Director?
  • What do you think you have to offer the program? What do you think the program has to offer you?
  • Where do you think you are most likely to succeed? Where do you think you are most likely to struggle?
  • What do you find most interesting about the program based on what you have read? What do you find most confusing based on what you have read?
  • What experience do you have with children ages 5-12?
  • Describe your personal experience with summer camp.
  • Please provide two professional and one personal reference.